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Simon Morris Associates

Enough Headaches – The Well-being Factor of Lighting Design


Posted by: Simon Morris Associates, Simon Morris Associates on 02/05/12

Good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate and enrich on so many different levels, get it wrong and the opposite it is true and the ripple effects will be felt by people and their organisations.

I am sure we have all experience the effects working on a computer or entering a supermarket, exhibition or retail space and after a short while you’re not sure why but you start to develop a headache or don’t feel yourself?

This is in part due to an over bright space using far too many halogen spot or lighting fittings creating a myriad of twinkling spots which your eyes have to deal with. These halogen lamps are great for making merchandise sparkle but it has also the opposite effect which is to potentially give headaches when over used and of course it uses huge amounts of the valuable energy.

Lighting design should be a balance that embraces aesthetics, function, flexibility, energy efficiency but in addition to this provide a positive feeling or well-being factor.

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