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Posted by: Jack Hale, manchester modernist society

on June 22, 2012 13:22

Premiering the new track ‘Good Morning, Midnight’, an installation by LoneLady in association with the Manchester Modernist Society for RIBA Love Architecture 2012, 18-24 June, hermetically sealed into the Mancunian Way. The music has been embedded into its structure and can be experienced via headphones for the duration of the festival – or the life of the battery…!

A limited edition publication, ‘TUP’, designed by Julie Campbell and Martin Greenwood, can be found at all MMS events during the festival to navigate you to this very private ‘concert’. TUP includes a passage by Paul Morley.
Manchester Modernist Society co-founder Maureen Ward says, ‘We are excited to have collaborated with Lonelady on this unique soundscape in one of our favourite modernist structures for the RIBA festival, creating a very urban lullaby!’

Simply make your way to the Mancunian Way’s ‘Spur to nowhere’ for a very intimate earful of Lonelady, a Ballardian sonnet to concrete, sinuously wrapping its way around the motorway. Grab your headphones and plug yourself in!

‘TUP’ can be located via a limited edition pamphlet available at MMS events during the RIBA festival. The music is accessible via a headphones input; the participant supplies her/his own headphones. Entombed in the structure, the music falls silent when the battery dies, and becomes an artefact / a relic / a piece of rubbish.

Julie Campbell was born, lives and works in Manchester, and is a Warp Records recording artist under the name LoneLady

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