DeAnne Smith's Fringe Blog #7: Sunrise, Sunset


Posted by: DeAnne Smith

on August 15, 2011 22:37

So much is happening, guys. Almost too much. I can hardly keep track. I feel like I better hurry up and write this down before something else happens.

I mean, I can barely remember which day I hosted the Gorgeous George cabaret, or which day I saw three Japanese men in full bodysuits do wonderfully absurdist and disturbing comedy, or which day I saw a naked man play guitar, or which day I dragged my tired butt to the dance floor at 4 a.m., or which day I came to fully understand the word “vajazzle,” or which day I watched an entire audience wince as a woman rubbed fire on her bare skin, or which day I saw a made up and beskirted Andrew O’Neill completely own a drunken macho heckler at Late ‘N’ Live, or which day I went for a run around the Meadows, or which day I talked love and relationships with magician Ali Cook, or which day I performed comedy in what could best and accurately be described as a “small, dank cave,” or which day I had to quickly edit and rearrange my show to deal with the two 11-year-olds that were seated in the front row, or which day, during my show, I chatted with a man who currently has “video ball” installations in the National Gallery of Scotland, or which day I improvised a whole new set on Comedy in the Dark, a show that takes place in complete and utter darkness, or which day my taxi driver told me I “hadn’t eaten my porridge” because I was struggling to open the door, or which day four friends and I climbed Arthur’s Seat at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise.

It’d be impossible for me to remember on which days all of those things happened. That is, if they hadn’t all happened on the same day.

People told me the Fringe was intense, and I thought I knew what that word meant. It’s only now, with 12 shows down and 14 to go, that I realize I don’t really know anything.

One thing I do know is that sitting atop a dead volcano with four of my friends overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in the world and watching the sun rise over the water is an experience I’ll never forget. I know that. Oh, and that I should eat more porridge.

Aug 3-29 (not 15&22), Gilded Balloon Teviot, 8.15pm. Book here

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