Crowdfunding digital craft innovation.


Posted by: Ann Marie Shillito, Anarkik3D Ltd

on June 07, 2012 22:47

Anarkik3D has deployed crowdfunding tactics to optimize their digital 3D modeling tools.

This entrepreneurial venture was launched on April 11th on the IndieGoGo platform and ends on June 27th. Support our campaign to optimise access for non-CAD creative people to both software and 3D printing technologies.

Led by Edinburgh based contemporary jeweler and designer, Ann Marie Shillito, and inspired by the impact that 3D digital technologies can make to the creative process, Anarkik3D has created Cloud9, a 3D modeling platform specifically for studio artists and designers.

The digital modeling experience of Cloud9 includes 3D touch feedback and reflects the way that a maker customarily undertakes the fluid, organic exploration of their conceptual ideas. Cloud9 is a virtual 3D digital sketchbook. It taps into the tacit knowledge and skills a craftsperson has accumulated through manipulating physical materials to provide a more familiar approach to modeling virtual 3D forms.

Cloud9’s engaging immediacy makes it possible for a craftsperson or new user to begin 3D modeling immediately and is a testament to the developers.

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