Apple Discloses New Look for iOS 7 Along With New Free iTunes Radio Streaming Service


Posted by: Jullie Roslin, Perception System Pvt Ltd

on June 14, 2013 05:00

In the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) conducted on Monday, Apple unveils iOS 7, a brand new version of Apple’s popular mobile operating system. Blessed with hundreds of new features, this latest version gives impressive look to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device with its hundreds of features. Before letting demo to speak, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared, “iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.” Tim wants to give a clean look to that system that helps “elevate” users’ content. This latest software designed to make screen bigger and better. It takes up the entirety of the screen.

With a new “control centre” of the phone, users can able to adjust its settings with just one swipe from the bottom of the screen, and get a sharper text. What I like the most is its redesigned interface that looks like a crystal-clear pane of layered glass available with graceful “flat” icons and fabulous features. Users can find iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer, iPad Mini and the fifth-generation of iPod Touch at the starting of fall. However, developers can start using it with a beta version of iOS 6 today. Let’s move further and discuss some latest key features of Apple iOS 7.

Camera features:
Apple has been well-known for its push the camera functionality. With this new version, Apple comes up with four cameras in one with different settings like a “square mode.” Video, normal photos and panorama are other three superb modes of the camera. Moreover, users can flick between various modes with just a swipe.

Music and iTunes Radio:
Music application deliver the same visual overhaul like other system, however the big features with iOS 7 and music is iTunes Radio, which is a hybrid between Pandora and Songza. In iTunes Radio, users can listen stations (“Songs for summer”) or theme-centric playlists or listen to artist-centric stations. Moreover, iTunes Radio tracks all the latest stuff that you listen across Apple TV, iTunes, and on iOS 7.

Multi-tasking functionality of latest OS allows every single app users to interact with the operating system and sometimes other apps. A new multi-tasking API enables all applications to run in the background. Moreover, it allows users to switch between different applications. The new version of operating system know what apps that users access most and keep such app running in the background.

Control Center:
An advanced settings menu for iOS controls features like Bluetooth, mute, screen brightness, Wi-Fi, etc. Users can find the iOS 7 Control Center similar to Google’s Android control center. The only difference is settings can be done from the bottom in iOS 7 while Android allows setting by tapping from the top of the smartphone screen.

AirDrop, a new content sharing feature works wirelessly. With this feature, users can share content with their closer contacts. For sending content, users just have to select person, who wants to share with and AirDrop will send through Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Coming with a new look and a new male voice, Siri becomes smarter than before. It catches data from Wikipedia Twitter, and Bing.

Excellent Icons:
Apple iOS 7, a brand new version of Apple’s OS adopts new attire of redesigned flat icons. Users can have new fonts, new icons, a new slide-up control panel, and new translucent bars as well.

iOS in the Car:
iOS is available to the dashboard of your car. Now, Chevy, Volvo, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Mercedes, Acura, etc. comes with iOS.

Notification Center:
In this new version of OS, users can have drop-down notification center from the lock screen on their iOS device that gives details of the day through calendar appointments, weather updates, etc.

Apart from above features, Apple also has some remarkable features like Audio-only Facetime, Notification Sync, Per-app VPN for Enterprise, Weibo Integration in China, New App Store, Safari and many more. In addition, there are over 1500 APIs, new multitasking APIs and support for third-party game controllers available. With loads of features, Apple going to boom the mobile market and the best thing about developers is they can create excellent iOS app development for this fabulous operating system.

Sorry, we haven’t talk about security. Apple comes with a feature called Activation Lock that prevents thief to activate your iPhone to other networks unless he/she knows your iCloud password. Developers welcome iOS 7 on Monday while users have to wait till this fall.

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