8 False Widow Spiders Found in Bartley Green, Birmingham


Posted by: Ian Bevis, Chameleon Web Services

on October 12, 2013 11:22

After seeing on the news and reading all the hype about Britain’s most poisonous spider known as the False Widow Spider, the Director of Chameleon Web Services finds 8 after being alerted by his eldest son Jack Bevis who found one whilst playing.

On investigation it was discovered that this was in deed a False Widow Spider and with the idea of collecting this to ensure the children are safe Ian finds a total of 8 spiders all trying to keep warm in the comfort of their family home.

These spiders were first recorded in Britain during the 1870s after they had accidentally been shipped over from their native country of the Canary Islands.

They have often appeared in warmer parts of the UK like Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.

This latest find was in Bartley Green, Birmingham and all spiders have been carefully boxed to be given to the National History Museum for correct identification purposes and recording.

An RSPCA spokesperson has added that “We advise people to keep their distance from all unusual looking spiders”

,The RSPCA have stated that to identify any suspicious spider they should contact the Natural History Museum or the British Arachnological Society.”

To identify False widows they have a brown bulbous abdomen which has cream coloured markings on it. The scientific name for this type of spider is Steatoda nobilis.

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