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Islington Mill

Tuesday 24th April | 17:00 to Thursday 26th April | 21:00

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16 students from one multi-disciplinary exhibition

Islington Mill’s Early Summer programme launches with MMU sculpture students exhibition, suitably entitled OPEN. Using the Mill as their modus operandi, some students’ work responds directly to the natural aesthetics of the Mill and its surroundings, whilst others are not limited by the building’s constraints. Operating from their own individual artistic practices and an array of disciplines including installation, sculpture and performance, these 16 students come together to transform the Mill’s nooks and crannies.

Featuring work from:

Sakara Dawson-Marsh
Keir Mucklestone-Barnett
Sam Darlington
Helen Rossendale
Andi Sheppard
Heather Kensett
Calum Crawford
Guy Broadhurst
Poppy Lee
Matilda Lee
Georgie King
Joe Fletcher Orr
Deborah Barrett
Maddie Timmis
Michael James Thorpe
Graham Rimmer

The set up for the exhibition has given these students the opportunity to step outside the normal realms of their university’s studios and work in the diverse and interesting spaces that the Mill has to offer. They have been working in the Mill over the past two weeks both day (and night!) and we look forward to see what more they bring to the Mill and how they transform the space.

A couple of artists’ statements:

Guy Broadhurst

My sculpture practice takes objects that have an instantly recognisable form and image and places them in constructed environments to show the repetition of the object and the image.

Deborah Barrett

Working at the Mill has enabled me to engage in the space in a similar way one would engage in a domestic space. The spaces are intriguing, mysterious and inspirational, which has fuelled my practice.

Sakara Dawson-Marsh

My current focus explores how certain objects, elements or spaces within the domestic environment, can be transformed, manipulated or distorted to create a sense of strangeness or ambiguity.

Matilda Lee

A sense of humour and absurdity plays a large role in my work with the deliberate displacement asking questions about the situations and surroundings we find ourselves in.

Poppy Lee

I like to play and experiment with objects, manipulating and testing and pushing them to their very limits. I find beauty through layering and repeating to create density and rhythm.

Andi Sheppard

My work explores the spaces and architecture within which we work and operate, focusing on the phenomena which affects our sensorial experience and perception of these spaces and our cognition of them.

Exhibition Launch: Tuesday 24th April 5pm-late

Entertainment from Selective Hearing DJs, Zutekh DJs and Dipstik DJs.

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