Design Top Five #27: Matt Clugston, Clusta


Posted by: Creative Times on December 19, 2011 10:03

For the latest in the series, Matt Clugston, of Birmingham-based studio Clusta, picks five examples of contemporary design that are visually stunning and conceptually intriguing.

1. Eva animation by Dvein

I’ve been following these guys for years – it’s rare that you get a motion house with such a tight design sensibility. Their latest piece, Eva, which is the title sequence for a new film, optimises their style and attention to detail. It’s a great concept and beautifully crafted.

2. 4 Talent ident by Spin
I’m a huge fan of Spin, so they needed a mention. Here is their most recent ident for Channel 4, for 4Talent. They have a very special skill of making beautifully simple, yet stunningly well-executed pieces of work, from an art direction, design and animation perspective. Their portfolio is intimidating and their work for Channel 4 alone is outstanding.

3. Electricity pylons by Choi+Shine
I found this idea for electricity pylons by architecture and design firm Choi+Shine not so long ago, and really hope it gets commissioned. It’s such a great concept – epic, brilliant, beautiful and yet completely practical. Apparently, it wouldn’t take much to adjust the existing pylons to work in a multitude of ways like the ones put forward here for a design competition.

4. BMW Kinetic

This is actually pretty old now, but I had to include it because it still takes my breath away. Developed by ART+COM, a Berlin-based interactive media company, the project uses 714 metal balls that are individually suspended on barely visible strings, creating a seemingly weightless, amorphous mass. Each ball lowers and retracts independently, which allows them to approximate almost any form.

5. Universal Everything by Matt Pyke

A true genius of our generation. Matt Pyke has been single-headedly responsible for some of the best animation, motion, branding and experiential projects I’ve seen in the last ten years. He works with his brother for all the sound work and an array of other artists to produce the work, but his ideas and art direction are second to none, and he employs some amazing technology to execute his work. This is his reel, which is a great snapshot of what he’s done.

Matt Clugston is Creative Services Director and co-founder of Birmingham-based digital and graphic design studio Clusta

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